Aug, 2011

seoI admit it, I was a meta keyword sucker too. Don’t fall for it! Google officially announced that meta keywords have no value in search engine ranking. In other words, it’s just a waste of time to throw keywords and phrases into the keywords meta tag.

Instead of researching meta keywords, focus your attention on:

  • Including keywords in the title (blog, website, page, post titles, etc)
  • Including keywords in meta description (increases search engine click-through rates)
  • Including keywords in your post, as close to the beginning as possible
  • Including keywords in the URL
  • Website speed (slow pages = lower rankings)

As an example, for this post I want to rank high in search engines for the keywords “Meta Keywords” and “Google”. I have used these keywords in the title, the meta description, the post, and the URL. And hopefully Google will show me some love. :)

Happy blogging!

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