Oct, 2010

Does your blog need a serious update? Tired of the same old website that doesn’t deliver? Simple Mama can create custom websites and blogs designed with you in mind. Simple Mama will deliver exactly what you’re looking for no matter if it’s high tech or girly! I encourage you to look over the Simple Mama portfolio and let me be the passion behind your project.

Most Simple Mama sites are built using development tools called content management systems (CMS). These web-based platforms allow the site owner (you!) to update and manage the website reducing the need for costly maintenance or technical staff. Content management systems offer so much more than blogging, including mailing lists, membership platforms, discussion forums and more. At Simple Mama, I have used several CMS and I highly recommend WordPress for most sites and osCommerce for e-commerce sites.

Blog Design
Tired of the look on your blog? Are you lost in the blogging world? Even if you’re new to blogging and don’t know where to start, Simple Mama can help. I can give your current blog a fresh look or help you start up a new blog so all you need to do is post. Blogging isn’t scary, as long as you have someone to help you through the initial steps. Simple Mama offers full-service setups, consultation, assistance with every aspect of blogging, and more. Just ask!
I will work with you every step of the way, determine your needs, and let my design know-how and industry expertise produce a concept as dynamic as your blog! My job is to take your vision and turn it into your dream.

Small Business Web Design
I was a small business owner for six years, so I know and understand how small businesses work. In this technology-driven age, a website is nearly a requirement for success. Several people believe that if you don’t have a website, even a simple one, your business may as well not exist. Simple Mama can provide you with a professional, unique, and easy-to-manage website to showcase your small business.

Just because you have a small business, don’t assume you shouldn’t have a blog. Empower your business with one simple tool. Keep your customers and clients informed of new products, events, news, press releases, and more.

Throughout the project, Simple Mama will be with you every step of the way. I will listen to what you need and offer advice when possible in order to make your website shine.

Logo, Graphic, and Print Material Design
You can’t have a brand without a logo but you need a memorable logo to be successful. Branding makes your mark on the world. Simple Mama can design logos and custom graphics to your specifications. I can also design online advertisements, banners, and even printed materials such as flyers and business cards.