Feb, 2012

Simple CSS Lite is a plugin for the PageLines Framework for WordPress. Simple CSS Lite is a FREE plugin which allows the user to easily customize background, text, hover, active, and submenu colors of the PageLines navigation menu. It works with both the Classic Nav and BrandNav sections.

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Simple CSS Lite is FREE. If you are thrilled I made it and appreciate the time spent, please consider making a donation to my coffee addiction. The PayPal donate button is up there on the right!


Simple CSS Lite only works with the Classic Nav and BrandNav sections. It does not work with the NavBar section.

Installation is simple. (Note: these instructions have been updated since PageLines DMS has released and PageLines Framework is now a legacy theme.)

  1. Download the Simple CSS Lite zip file.
  2. Upload the original zip file to WordPress -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload (do not rename the file).
  3. Activate the plugin.

Set the Options

The Simple CSS options are located at WordPress -> PageLines -> Site Options. You will see a new menu item called Simple CSS Lite. Set the options to control background, text, hover, active, and submenu colors of the navigation menu. Works with both the Navigation and BrandNav sections. Click the “More Info” button on the settings page for a description of each option.

Change Log

1.0: Initial release.
1.1: Fixed a bug that wouldn’t show the plugin as active within the PageLines Store, even though it was active.
1.2: Re-wrote CSS selectors for better handling of active menu items as well as submenu items. This adds two new options to the settings panel: Text Color of Active Menu Item and Background Color of Active Menu Item. Also moved the Navigation Bar Background Color to the bottom for better flow and usability.
1.3: Corrected an invalid CSS selector. Text color now shows correctly for regular menu items (since v1.2).
1.4: Corrected an invalid math call that was creating a text shadow on menu items (since PageLines 2.1.4). Also added support for menus that do not use the drop down menu option.

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