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How to Remove a Google Malware Warning

by Jenny on · Add Comment

I run a few WordPress blogs, one of which is this fine one you’re reading now, but I also author another blog which deals with multiple advertising networks. Today, one of those networks was affected with malware. Thankfully my site was not affected but several of my friends’ sites were. This post will serve as […]

How to Optimize WordPress Images for SEO

by Jenny on · 11 Comments

Learn how to optimize wordpress images for SEO. It is so insanely simple yet people just skip it. If you’re one of those people, don’t do that. Ever again. This valuable SEO tactic can bring in hundreds, if not thousands, of new search engine visitors each month. WordPress has built-in tools for image SEO; you […]

WordPress Blog Hacked? This May Help.

by Jenny on · 2 Comments

I’ve come across several WordPress blogs that have been hacked recently. But this is an unusual hack and you may not even know that your blog has been affected. You see, this hack occurs only when people are visiting your blog when coming from a search engine. When a visitor clicks your blog link from […]

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