A new website doesn't have to cost a fortune.

I will be the first to admit I love using Wordpress to design websites and blogs. Wordpress is a highly customizable CMS and it's easy to use. Whether you want me to handle your website maintenance, or if you choose to do it yourself, you're in good hands with Wordpress. Due to my familiarity with Wordpress, HTML, and CSS, I am able to provide you with a rockin' website that won't empty your wallet. Just ask me how.

Responsive Design

Want a website that looks great on all platforms and browsers? I can create a website for you that will look just as good on your iPhone as it does on your Mac.

Focused on SEO

SEO is one of the most important things to consider when designing a new website or revamping an old one. With ample SEO training, I've got you covered.

Custom Built for You

Have a website that is as unique as your business. Pick your layout, colors, fonts, and so much more. Already have a base design? No problem! I can handle that.

Get Social

Your social media efforts are nearly as important as your new website. Whether you're a social butterfly or just getting started with social media, I can help.

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Tech Services

Having a website is essential to business success. Your customers want to know everything about you before they spend their hard-earned money at your business. Whether they’re looking for driving directions, hours of operation, testimonials and reviews, or to purchase products, having a website shows you are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

Whether you own a restaurant or a high-tech company, I can design the perfect website for your business. Contact me to get started. You may be surprised at how affordable a professional website can be.

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Are you one of the many people who has a blog? Whether you’re a mom blogger, a tech blogger, or something in between, I can help you with a site redesign.

I am also highly skilled with the inner workings of WordPress. If you need help with installing plugins, cleaning up a slow site, recovering after being hacked, setting up SEO… you name it – I can do it – at an affordable price. Simply send me an email to find out more.

If you aren’t yet a blogger but want to be, I can show you the ropes. I’ve been blogging since 2008 and have a fairly successful mom blog which delivers reader-focused valued content, ranks high in search engines, and earns income from advertising. Contact me to discuss my hourly rate for consultation.

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A strong SEO strategy is important for both business and personal websites. You provide valuable high-quality content to your readers and hope they link back to you. In addition, you want to rank as high as possible in search engines.

I have studied Search Engine Optimization in great depth. It is an ever-changing field but is essential to website success. I do not promote frowned-upon tactics such as paid links but rather focus on writing SEO-oriented articles that have all the essential qualities of a high ranking website. Once you know how it works, it becomes second nature to write articles that are SEO focused.

All websites I create have SEO tools in place, and I’ll show you how to use them. If you want to learn SEO without a site redesign, simply send me an email to find out more.

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Grow your business by having a social media presence. Your customers are looking for you. Show them who you are! By having a Facebook page, for example, you are inviting your customers to post pictures of them with your products, invite friends to “like” your business, hold contests and promotions, provide special offers, and so much more.

I can help you with most social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Regardless of being a first-timer, or someone looking for a social media revamp, simply shoot me an email and we’ll get started.

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